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Noun phrases

- 1. Noun phrases is constraction function as subject and object .
2. Noun phrases is either a single noun or pronoun or any group of words
containing a noun or a pronoun that function together as a noun or
pronoun, as the subject or object of a verb.
- Kinds of noun phrases :
a. Noun + Noun, example : Office boy
b. Verb + Noun, example : Take a bath
c. Gerund + Noun, example : Throwing ball
d. Pronoun + Noun, example : My book
e. Adjective + Noun, example : Black board
f. Determiner + Noun, example : A pen
- The noun phrases in English composed petenhally of 3 parts,
there are :
a. Head : The most usual kind of head of a noun phrases.
b. Pre Modification : Consists of a number of word classes in a specific order.
c. Post Modification : Must commonly used not by specific word classes or subclasses.

Example 1 :

Shaggy : Do you like books ?
Jojo : Yes, I like them.
Shaggy : Do you like books over there?
Jojo : Yes, they are nice.
Shaggy : Do you like the book which I brought yesterday?
Jojo : Yes, I like it.

Example 2 :

- Nicko was late
( Nicko is the noun phrase functioning as the subject of the verb)

- Some noun phrase are short :
* The student

- Some are long :
* The very tall education consultant.

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