Selasa, 16 Juni 2009

Direct speech and indirect speech

*Direct Speech
Refers to reproducing another persons’s exact words..
We use questation marks.

*Indirect speech
Refers to reproducing the idea of another person’s word.

Not all of the exact words are used :
Verb forms and pronouns my change.

*There are 3 kinds of Indirect Speech:
1. Command / request ( permintaan )
Direct : Mrs. Venita said to vita “ don’t worry about it “.
Indirect : Mrs. Venita told vita not to worry about it.
2. Question ( pertanyaan )
Direct : yona asked “ Are you a Journalist ?”
Indirect : yona asked if / whether I was a Journalist.
3. Statement ( pernyataan )
Direct : Mr. Yoan said “ I worked hard yesterday “.
Indirect : Mr. yoan said that he worked hard the day before.

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